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Important information


Messe Kassel

  1. – 04. September 2022

(Friday until Sunday)


Important information


For the dealers / exhibitors of HORSICA 2022 in Kassel

  1. -04. September 2022, Fri. and Sat. from 9am to 7pm, Sun. from 9am to 6pm (Admission to Visitors 10am)


Event location:

Kassel Messe, Damaschkestr. 55, 34121 Kassel, Tel. 0049 (0) 561 959860


Stand construction:

- Wednesday 31. August 2022, from 8 am to 8pm, Thursday 1. September 2022 from 8 am to 10pm.

- Exhibitors with sales vehicles or trailers who stay in the hall during the event must register with the organiser and the vehicles must be available on Wednesday 31. September 2022, til noon in the hall to which the booth is assigned.

- Set-up of the booth on Friday 2. September 2022 is in justified exceptional cases and only possible from 9am until 10am!

Prior consultation with the organiser is definitely needed - Tel.: 04881 - 93 01 40 or 0160 - 186 76 20.

 Booths which are not occupied by Thursday 1. September 2022 (set-up day) at 6 pm. and

 whose exhibitors have not unsubscribed will be awarded to others!!!

The good reputation and success of the event is also due to the fact that you as an

exhibitors show a decorative and visually appealing booth.

It is a decisive contribution.

It is possible to order rental furniture via the trade fair program.


Partitions as booth boundaries:

Booth partition walls are available, they are used and white and may show signs of wear. It is recommended to have suitable decoration material available. Here we refer to the fire protection regulations regarding fairs and exhibitions.

The surfaces of the walls must not be damaged or soiled (nails, tacks, etc.). After the event, any attached decoration and fasteners are to be completely removed.

Partitions are to be put up only where they have been requested! The operator of the booth has to provide a suitable (optically closed to the neighbouring booth) partition. If this is not the case, the fair management will have the right to demarcate the booth by means of partition walls and recalculate the pace used.


Use of carpets:

The exhibition centre expressly points out that carpets may not be taped to the floor neither using a commercial adhesive tape nor any kind of glue. The subsequent removal of the adhesive residue is very difficult and expensive and will be charged to the exhibitor. All surfaces are resealed or newly coated.

If you wish to install carpet yourself, you may use a special suitable adhesive tape, which you may obtain from the organiser's office. Only this particular tape may be used.


Exhibitor badge:

Please collect the exhibitor badge for you and your staff from the organiser's office

on the day of set-up. When leaving the halls during opening hours, you will receive a Passing-ID from one of the stewards. With the Passing-ID and your exhibitor badge, you will be able to easily re-enter the halls.


Parking permits:

You need a certificate of authorisation for each of your company vehicles. Please put your

name and your booth number on the certificate and, after unloading, bring your vehicle to the

designated parking lot for the exhibitors. This parking lot is signposted.


Admission on the days of the events

Friday:            For exhibitors at 9am, for visitors 10am to 7pm.

Saturday:        For exhibitors at 9am, for visitors 10am to 7pm.

Sunday:          For exhibitors at 9am, for visitors 10am to 6pm.

If for compelling reasons you are not able to comply with these hours, please inform us in advance!



During the night and on

Wednesday     31. August 2022, from 8pm until Thursday              01. September 2022, 10am,

Thursday         01. September 2022 from 10pm until Friday                        02. September 2022, 9am,

Friday             02. September 2022 from 7.30pm until Saturday     03. September 2022, 9am,

Saturday         03. September 2022 from 7.30pm until Sunday       04. September 2022, 9am,

the halls are locked and guarded by security staff.

Otherwise, please make sure that your booth is not unattended at any time.

Please make sure you take your personal belongings with you, since you will not be

able to access the halls during the night.

Counters with goods, showcases, etc. should be covered with opaque film.

It is also advisable to protect the entire booth using tarpaulins or foils.



Sunday 04. September 2022 from 6.15pm to midnight, and Monday 05. September 2022 from 8am to 12 am.

The booths may not be dismantled before 6pm!

The gates will open at 6.15pm. It is not possible to leave the halls with goods beforehand.


Please understand that these security measures are for your protection only.

Stewards as well as the security staff have strict instructions.

During the dismantling, please carry your exhibitor badge and ensure that the dismantling is carried out in a disciplined order. We like to point out that to leave the exhibition grounds after the dismantling you need an exit ticket. Each exhibitor receives this exit ticket from the organiser's office after paying the amount due for the booth fee. In order to assure a speedy dismantling, we ask you to have the exit ticket on hand and to hand it to the security staff when exiting the area.



Please use the containers/waste bins provided and take into account the requirements for waste separation (sorting). Please take your packaging material or equivalent

waste with you.


Overnight stay:

A route description and where to stay overnight can be found on our website or via the Tourist Information of the city of Kassel.

For caravan and RV users, you can contact the campground in Kassel via or phone +49 561 7077-170, email to


How to find us:

Please take a look on




Tuesday 30. August 2022, to Sunday 04. September 2022, at the organiser's office: 04881 - 930140 (call forwarding!)

The organiser’s office is located between hall 1+2 and hall 3+4.


Organiser’s mobile phone number: 0160 – 186 76 20.



If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us.


Your organiser team

Messe & Marketing GmbH

Arnold Thomsen-Koch, Janne Ovens, Birgit Wolf and Nicole Schlüter


Tel.: 0049 (0) 4881 - 93 01 40